the truth hyip

The truth about HYIP

Online HYIP already started many years ago. Most of them just use a ponzi system. Only few of them that really use the money for business and share the profits to investors.

Surprisingly, in 2019 there were still many who believed that hyip really owned a business. Maybe this is because they just entered this “scam” world. Just use logic, there is no business that can and wants to give multiple profits in a short time. No Google, no facebook, no apple, no big companies in this world can make very big huge super multiple profits in a short time, if they can do that why they want to share more than 10% of profits per month for you.

You do not own the share, we are just a small investors. $10 USD of investment will not make an impact to any business. But there is only one system that can give you big profits, and that is ponzi. Some of you will win, some of you will lose. Invest in HYIP means you are ready to lose.


  1. hello how are you. I put $20 in alpha hours a few days ago…everything was going good..
    I put $400 cad in this morning….it hasn’t worked since MM

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